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Dakota Topp


Roseville, CA





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About Dakota

• What got you into riding?
"I started riding in winter of 2015 as a triathlete because my younger sister was doing it and my coach encouraged me."

• At what age did you start?

• What inspires you?
"I am very self motivated and becoming a better version of myself inspires me to keep pushing to the next limit."

• What is the best part of being on the LUX team?
"I am very excited to have a supportive team of women behind me and to support them through races. As well as have the opportunity to challenge myself in difficult races."

• Who is your favorite super hero?

• If you could have any super power, what would it be?
"The ability to shape shift because then you could shift into an invisible man, or a dragon or something else."



Rock Hill Criterium 1st
US National Championship 15-16 Team Pursuit 3rd
US National Championship 15-16 Team Sprint 7th
North Carolina State Championship 500m 15-16 1st
North Carolina State Championship 2000m 15-16 1st

Fun Facts

#1: "I love to read murder mysteries."
#2: "I like the mountains more than the beach."
#3: "Cats are my favorite animal."