Rider Profile

Gabrielle Lehnert


Eugene, OR



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2nd Road Race GA Tech Cycling
2nd Criterium GA Tech Cycling


2019 National Team European Trip Member/World Championship Team Member
41st 2019 World championship RR Jr Women
14th 2019 Alfredo Binda UCI Nations Cup
9th 2019 US National Championship Criterium Jr 17-18
5th 2019 US National Championship Individual Time Trial Jr 17-18


6th 2018 US National Championship Criterium Jr 17-18
7th 2018 US National Championship Road Race Jr 17-18
9th 2018 US National Championship Time Trial Jr 17-18
2nd Oregon State Championship Road Race P1-2
3rd Oregon State Championship Criterium P1-2
11th San Dimas Stage Race P1-2
2018 World Road Championship Team Member - Climber

Fun Facts

What got you into riding?: "I started going to races with my dad when I was really little and loved it immediately. I've been racing ever since I've been old enough to compete."
At what age did you start?: "Ten."
What inspires you?: "People who are passionate about what they do."
What is the best part of being on the LUX team?: "Being able to race with a group of girls who love the sport as much as I do."
Who is your favorite super hero?: "Spider-Man."
If you could have one super power, what would it be?: "Invisibility."