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Jared Scott


Boulder, CO





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About Jared

• What got you into riding?
"Initially I raced triathlons and was especially good at the biking portion since I had biked Courage Classic--a 3-day ride over 3 mountain passes--on my own since age 6 and Ride the Rockies--6 days, over 500 miles in the Rocky Mountains--since age 9. We decided to try out a season of road racing with our local team and I forgot about triathlons."

• At what age did you start?
"I started mountain biking at 4 years old, but didn’t get into racing (road and cyclocross) until I was 11."

• What inspires you?
"I enjoy the great accomplishment that comes with working as hard as you can again and again after failing. And achieving your goals in the end is very satisfying, which is just about every time I race or even just ride."

• What is the best part of being on the LUX team?
"I’m excited about the national and international experiences LUX offers and the opportunity to grow with amazing teammates."

• Who is your favorite super hero?
"My favorite superhero is not really a superhero but practically is. His name is Star-Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy, and aside from just being hilarious he’s inspiring because he starts off as a nobody. But then when he’s called to the occasion, he ends up saving the whole galaxy, which is pretty badass."

• If you could have any super power, what would it be?
"I would like to be able to fly because you have so much freedom and can go anywhere and do anything. I guess biking is a little bit like flying…."



2019 National Team European Trip Member/2019 World Championship Team Member
2nd stage 6 Jr Tour of Ireland
3rd Overall and 2nd 1 stage and 3rd 2 stages Tour of the Gila Cat 1-2
2nd Overall 2019 San Dimas Stage Race Jr 17-18
1st Overall 2019 Valley of the Sun Stage Race Jr 17-18
1st 2019 Kermom bij Sint-Truiden Jr
6th 2019 National Championship Time Trial Jr 17-18
4th 2019 National Championship Road Race Jr 17-18
2nd 2019 National Championships Cyclocross Jr 17-18
1st Overall and stage win 2019 Ronde des Vallees
1st Overall and stage win 2019 Aubel-Thiminster-Stavelot


2nd 2018 National Championship Road Race Jr 15-16
2nd Stage 1 2018 Tour of West Flander Belgium
3rd Denderwindeke Belgium
3rd GP Baden Bierbeek Belgium
4th Lierde/Deftinge Belgium


2nd National Championship Road Race Jr 15-16
2nd Koppenberg RR 3-4’s
5th stage 1, 5th Overall San Dimas Stage Race Jr 15-16


1st Rocky Mountain Jr Omnium Jr 13-14
1st Bob Cook Hill Climb 13-14

Fun Facts

#1: "I like to play guitar."
#2: "I have a few pets including a 6-foot Boa, 2 geckos, a dog, and a cat."
#3: "I enjoy making movies/videos."