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Kyle Chromy


Simi Valley, CA



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2019 National Team European Trip Member
13th 2019 US National Championship Criterium Jr 17-18
11th 2019 US National Championship Road Race Jr 17-18
11th overall 2019 Aubel-Thiminster-Stavelot
2nd 1st Year Competition and 4th overall 2019 Jr Tour of Ireland
2nd Stage 5 2019 Tour of the Southern Highlands Jr 17-18
1st 2019 Santa Barbara Road Race Cat 3
1st 2019 Sea Otter Classic Circuit Race Jr 17-18


8th 2018 US National Championship Time Trial Jr 15-16
1st 2018 California State Championship Time Trial and Team Time Trial Jr 15-16
1st 2018 Valley of the Sun Criterium Jr 15-16
1st 2018 Roger Millikan Criterium Jr 15-18
2nd 2018 Sea Otter Road Race and Circuit Race
3rd 2018 California State Championship Road Race Jr 15-16

Fun Facts

What got you into riding?: "My parents and my brother."
At what age did you start?: Riding: 6 Racing: 11
What inspires you?: "The urge to be the best I can be."
What is the best part of being on the LUX Team?: "The places I get to go, the people I get to meet, and the opportunities it grants me."
Who is your favorite superhero?: "Batman."
If you could have one super power, what would it be?: "Teleportation."