Rider Profile

Lilly McLeod


Brooksville, FL





About Lilly

• What got you into riding?
"First, I started with triathlons and as I got older I just didn’t enjoy them anymore. I only liked the biking portion because it was what I got most excited for. Also, I would always do good in the biking part which made me love it more!"

• At what age did you start?

• What inspires you?
"My mom and dad because they work so hard for me to be able to do what I do, and they support me through everything. Also, my sister Melody because of all the things she’s done for me and helped me do! But, she’s an amazing cyclist and I want to be a good biker like her one day!"

• What is the best part of being on the LUX team?
"I don’t know what to say because everything about the LUX team is just incredible! But I must pick one, so I would say the people on the team because they are extremely nice and wonderful teammates!"

• Who is your favorite super hero?

• If you could have any super power, what would it be?
"To be invisible."



1st Overall and 3 stage wins 2018 Tour of Americas Dairylands Jr 13-14
1st 2018 Florida State Championship Criterium 13-14
1st 2018 Citrus Springs Criterium Jr 13-14
5th 2018 US National Championship Time Trial Jr 13-14
8th 2017 US National Championship Criterium Jr 13-14


1st 2017 US National Championship Jr 11-12 Road Race
1st 2017 US National Championship Jr 11-12 Criterium
2nd 2017 US National Championship Jr 11-12 Time Trial

Fun Facts

#1: "I am a Christian."
#2: "I love animals."
#3: "On my free time I like to hang out with my family and friends."