Rider Profile

Seth Callahan


Social Circle, GA





4th 2018 National Championship Criterium Jr 17-18
1st 2018 Sunny King Criterium 17-18
1st 2018 Greenville Series Criterium 17-18
3rd 2018 Greenville Series Road Race
3rd 2018 Sunny King Criterium Cat 2
3rd 2018 Georgia State Championship Road Race 17-18
3rd 2018 Cedar Hill Criterium Pro 1-2

Fun Facts

What got you into riding?: "My father wanted me to try it out and then I wanted to ride. I quit at first because it was so hard, but then I came back and wanted to train."
At what age did you start?: "Fourteen."
What inspires you?: "I love to ride and the freedom inspires me. The pros inspire me. The fact that I have an opportunity inspires me."
What is the best part of being on the LUX team?: "The best part of being on LUX is having these teammates; one of the biggest is the support from the team."
Who is your favorite super hero?: "Batman - Red Son, is pretty cool."
If you could have one super power, what would it be?: "Being able to fly would be great."