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George Chester

Assistant Director


Agoura Hills, CA



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About George

• What got you into working in cycling?
"Endurance training for Olympic Sailing Trials."

• At what age did you start?
"Mid 40's."

• What inspires you?
"Changing people’s lives for the better.

• What is the best part of being on the LUX team?
"Working with emerging special young adults and special old people like Roy. :)"

• Who is your favorite super hero?
"Andrew Vollmer,"

• If you could have any super power, what would it be?
"Don't want that much power - dangerous."

Fun Facts

#1: "Flew original version of Hang glider, and survived"
#2: "Final Motorcycle GP race, Daytona, survived experimental fairing."
#3: "Skied with 'Skier of the Impossible' Sylvain Saudan."